Fit/Out of Arval's New Headquarters in Madrid

Anabel Segura, 14 - Cedro Building

  • Offices/Corporate Headquarters
  • 70.000 ft²
  • 3 months
  • Madrid, Spain

Installation of the client on three floors

A few months ago, we had the privilege of engaging in a major project in collaboration with BNP Paribas Real Estate and architect Bernardo Botello. This project focused on setting up the new headquarters for Arval Service Lease in Madrid. The new offices are situated in Alcobendas, precisely in the Colonial-owned Cedro building at Calle Anabel Segura, 14.

Our challenge was to install the client on three floors, with approximately 500 sq. m on the ground floor serving a dual purpose: accommodating visitors and clients and featuring a work café area and a training room for internal staff. The remaining 6,000 sq. m on the 3rd and 4th floors were exclusively dedicated to Arval employees, resulting in an overall installation space of 6,500 sq. m with the capacity for approximately 540 operational workstations.

Elegance, Subtlety, Abstraction, Nature, Sustainability, Sophistication...

The project’s entire execution is based on a high degree of flexibility

FLULLE successfully secured the contract for the works slated for the months of July, August, and September, despite the challenges posed by the summer season. As a 360º partner, we managed all necessary tasks for the installation, covering civil works and the full spectrum of installations outlined in the project (electrical, mechanical, fire protection, telecommunications, special systems, security, etc.), in addition to overseeing the procurement of all furniture and equipment.

The project's execution prioritizes a high degree of flexibility, providing workers with diverse options for both choosing their workspace and determining its nature. The concepts of movement, elegance, subtlety, abstraction, nature, sustainability, and sophistication are integrated into all operational zones.

The office layout comprises two distinct sections: a more public ground floor and the 3rd and 4th floors as operational areas

Upon entering the building, one is greeted by a splendid reception area—a sophisticated and abstract space. Walnut wood and white lacquer adorn vertical surfaces and the counter, set against a backdrop of large-format ceramic flooring, all bathed in carefully distributed lighting, making it a captivating showcase for the company. This space serves as a gateway to the business center, featuring refined meeting rooms for clients arranged around a central waiting area with furniture and lighting that emphasize its central location. The ground floor also hosts spaces tailored for internal staff, including a flexible training room divided by a movable partition and the work café—a thoughtfully designed area fostering employee well-being through carefully selected furniture, lighting, decor, and dried plants.

Moving on, we reach the 3rd and 4th floors, where the inspiration drawn from the project’s reference image takes on its most profound meaning. The concept of a path, road, trajectory, and movement is artfully expressed in the floors, with each segment exhibiting unique characteristics. This sensation of movement permeates the entire office, unfolding as you navigate through it. The path gracefully winds in and out of meeting rooms that offer glimpses of the luminous and inviting interior courtyard, creating a cohesive thread throughout the project. In the extensive hallways, shaped by the building’s geometry, suspended linear lighting accentuates the linear design in contrast to the floor patterns. Complemented by metal shelves featuring dried plants positioned at the head of the benches and tree-inspired tables, these elements bestow a distinctive character upon the circulation spaces in the project. Tailor-made carpentry fronts for lockers are strategically placed at floor entrances, enabling employees to store their belongings, enhancing flexibility in workstation usage. Both meeting rooms and offices boast warm and inviting finishes, with a predominant use of wood and vinyl coverings in serene and calming hues.

In short...

A spacious and luminous setting designed to foster a warm and inviting atmosphere for the workforce. Undoubtedly, these offices successfully fulfill a key objective—flexibility—while maintaining a commitment to the high quality and sophistication of the finishes. FLULLE extends its best wishes to the entire Arval team for continued success in their new offices on Anabel Segura.

The Challenge

Works was slated for July, August, and September—a tight schedule made tighter by the inconveniences typical of the summer season.

Services provided

  • Fit-out
  • Electrical Installations
  • Mechanical Installations
  • FP Installations
  • Telecoms Installations
  • Special Installations
  • Security Installations
  • Facility Services
  • Furniture & Equipment

"It was a pleasure to have had FLULLE as a partner specialized in coworking space Fit-out in a number of our new LOOM locations"

Mercedes López-Chico - Merlin Properties

"We have collaborated with FLULLE on different flexible Utopicus Fit-out projects with them as main contractor on 42 Francisco Silvela Avenue, 163 Castellana Avenue and 56 José Abascal Avenue. The key to success on those projects has been the constant collaboration of their teams, forging a confidence relationship and working together to achieve optimal results: the best quality and the shortest execution time. Their evolution in the construction business is very positive, and I foresee a great future for the integrated management of their services"

Miguel Tello - Utupicus

"I want to thank FLULLE for the professionalism in the work carried out for UCI (Union of Real Estate Credits), especially the construction team led by Javier and Laura. Furthermore, I will recommend FLULLE as a company specialized in implementation works and I hope that we can meet again in the near future"

Raúl Bernal - ABR Arquitectos

"With FLULLE, at Utopicus’ offices on Francisco Silvela Avenue we have managed to make a project with more than 50 custom-made pieces of furniture and many tiny details and creative solutions look easy. They found a solution to every problem, and in front of every difficulty FLULLE has put everything in their hands to overcome them. We are eager to work with them again soon!"

Idoia Otegui - i! Arquitectura

"It was a success to have FLULLE for the implementation of our new offices, they are excellent professionals with a great human and project team. of which I would highlight their customer orientation, their orientation to finding solutions and especially their flexibility to adapt to our needs and demands, as well as their agility to respond to unforeseen events and their professionalism in both technical and economic aspects. They have been a true facilitator and partner in an always complex process for any company. Clearly I would count on them again in our projects."

María Polo - Arval Services Lease

"“It has been the greatest success to have FLULLE for the implementation of our new headquarters. A young and dynamic team, with great experience and professional competence. We couldn't have been in better hands. Thank you for your work and for the love you have put so that we could have this wonderful office”"

Carmen Delgado - UCI

"Experts in installations and now with FLULLE’s inception they offer a very interesting comprehensive solution package for all their clients"

Roberto Barrios - JLL

"I want to thank Allende Arquitectos as a planner, and FLULLE as a builder, their participation in the upgrade project of one of the most representative neomudéjar industrial style buildings in Madrid, preserving its architectonic value and creating modern, technological and efficient workspaces such as Repsol Electricidad y Gas’ offices in Madrid"

Pedro Alarcón - Repsol

"FLULLE is a Leviton Licensed Integrator since more than a decade ago, offering their clients our solutions thanks to a team of people of the utmost professionality and paired to high quality pre-sales and after-sales services. We hope to extend our collaboration with FLULLE for many years and to achieve many more successes"

Miguel Ángel Sevilla - Leviton

"FLULLE bestows upon me the peace of mind of working with a company with so many years of experience. They solve every unforeseen issue and they strive for perfection in every aspect"

David Zafra - ZFR Desing


Matías Román - TBA Facilities

"The interior finishing works they have carried out have had us astonished because of the quality levels and the technology applied. Congratulations on your trajectory over these years"

Óscar Montoro - Montoro Arquitectos

"I have known the FLULLE team since a short while ago. They were quick to transmit professionalism, reliability and efficiency"

Marco Baratta - Colonial

"The building process is a team effort. FLULLE has always collaborated, bringing solutions in order for the project to achieve success"

César Frías - Morph Estudio

"The added value FLULLE brings to the table is the proximity of the whole team, their customized assessment, in addition to the knowledge of all the working areas with expert personnel, and counting on very competent partners and/or suppliers. Even under a critical situation such as the Covid19 pandemic hit before the handover of our offices, they proved themselves ready to search for alternative solutions due to the stalling of operations with nearly all of our suppliers, maintaining their due delivery date"

Ana Jerónimo - Société Générale Equipment Finance

"Working with FLULLE was superbly easy. Their technical team is extremely competent, and their workers are dependable and professional"

Víctor García - Estudio Lamela

"With FLULLE as constructor and BNP Real Estate as planner and project manager, we have participated in different projects and the result has always been magnificent, achieving the highest satisfaction levels in clients. FLULLE focuses on projects with great professionalism and dedication, their priority being their clients’ and their expectations"

Paula Franco - BNP Paribas Real Estate

"The trust in the team and the pledge towards a proper execution of the project is what I would highlight from our collaboration with FLULLE"

José Luis Galán - Galán Lubascher Arquitectos

"Collaborating with you has been a real pleasure, as you undertake jobs with great professionalism and commitment, with exquisite taste and a deep knowledge of the industry, helping companies in the development of their projects in optimal conditions. The results are a testament to your great endeavor and your good work. Keep up the good work, you are doing a fascinating job"

Amparo Espinosa - Mediaset España

"The works undertaken by FLULLE have been of great professionalism, both in the finishing touches and in the support of their workers"

Virtu Juez - Sony Music

"FLULLE offers their clients an all-round finished product for the construction and management of their real estate assets"

Ricardo Arroyo - Sedytec

"I’ve known FLULLE since before their inception. Thirty years of continuous work with Paco Cámara and his team, first as an installation and engineering company and later on as general contractor as well, and they are now embarking on a new adventure. We have walked beside Caja Madrid, CDTI, el Club Matador, Fjord, Jazztel, JP Morgan, Museo Thyssen, PWC, Vitra and a bunch of good friends… All the best for the next 30 years of FLULLE!"

Carlos Manzano - Arquitecto

"We have been able to see FLULLE’s transformation in the past few months and we have experimented their professionalism and efficiency, the convenience of having a single supplier providing all services brings us peace of mind and trust. Moreover, their Facility team gives us the guarantees necessary to our corporate standards"

David Zuazo - Iberdrola Inmobiliaria

"I trusted and I trust them because of their professionalism and dedication to every task they undertake"

Luis Carlos García - Prosegur

"Working with FLULLE is simple, as they are always ready to solve any of our problems. We began with their turnkey program in our Madrid office, with left us fully satisfied, and we continued to maintain a tight collaboration for new operations in our facilities that full under the responsibility of their Facility Services staff, with commendable results"

Juan Sobrino - Palladium Hotel Group

"A business partner to rely on during the whole project, without a doubt a great choice"

Víctor Domínguez - HILL International

"Multisectorial professionals, flexible and adaptive"

Patricio Alañón - ECIUM

"There is a before and after our first Project together. We are very satisfied with FLULLE’s team in all senses, as we have been able to see firsthand what it’s like to work with a truly flexible business partner, ensuring at every moment that the works for the Regus Alicante, Business World project were being properly carried out"

Gabriel Tomé - Business World Alicante

"FLULLE has made it possible for the project to be conducted within normal standards of execution. Helpful and thoughtful to suggest ideas and solve problems facing the emerging difficulties. Always of help"

Víctor Domínguez - HILL International