Corporate Social Responsibility

FLULLE carries out its activities assuming the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), considering at every moment the impact generated by its actions on its clients, employees, the environment and society at large with the aim of creating value in the future.

We are efficient: We adapt to the demands, specifications, and particular standards of the different activity areas in which we participate, always working to achieve the highest quality standards. Quality.

We are approachable: We are committed to preserving and protecting the Environment and renewable energies. We look for sustainability together with profitability by bringing in the latest technological advances in materials and solutions.

We are brave: We consider our Capital Humano to be the main asset and engine driving the organization forward, contributing to reaching objectives and successes. We are committed to excellence in workplace relations.

The company and its employees operate under complete transparency and integrity in relations with clients and suppliers ass a business model, complying with. Legal and Ethical guidelines.

We are proactive: In order to preserve Safety and Occupational Health Safety and Occupational Health.

Moreover, at FLULLE we endorse the United Nations Vision 2030 Agreement giving shape to the 10 principles at the core of our Group’s philosophy and guide to our practices.