Quality Control and EP
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Attention to detail and commitment
AENOR Gestión Calidad - ISO 9001AENOR Gestión Medioambiental - ISO 14001

At FLULLE we are committed to protecting our environment and sustainable solutions. We design projects and services providing low carbon emissions solutions, more useful and efficient towards the environment.

Employees and customers are made aware on each project of the importance of providing and implementing sustainable solutions of value to the environment.

EP Performance Statement
Guide for Quality Control, EP, Security, Workplace, and Data Protection Policies
Towards our Vision 2030 managing LEED® and BREEAM® certifications
The next 10 years have been defined as the decade of action towards achievement of the United Nations Vision 2030 and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Our proposals for Technical Projects and Guidance are in line with those concerns.

At FLULLE we reaffirm our commitment to climate action and the promotion of a green economy, on top of being aligned with some of the 17 SDGs. We are experienced in managing LEED® and BREEAM® certifications, and our Technical Bureau proposes projects with the sensibility and responsibility that these ambitious objectives aim for.
The best energy is the one that is never consumed. We orient our employees and clients day by day.
Day by day, we change the working methods of many companies. We transform their way of interacting in efficient and healthy working spaces to improve their wellbeing. We unite attunement, ergonomics and collaborative connectivity systems facilitating employees’ work, their comfort, and as a consequence, their productivity.As an engineering and installation company, we design and execute efficient solutions, with energy saving as a priority objective in all our projects.
Environmental Management System as per UNE EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards.
Mindful of our activity’s environmental impact, at FLULLE we chose some time ago to implement and maintain an Environmental Management system as per UNE EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards as a means to integrate EP in the evolution of the general management of our activities.