We just open our Barcelona office!

The day has arrived, we are very excited and we want to share it with you.

From now on we will have a dedicated office space available for our team, our collaborators and at our clients’ disposal, located at the Utopicus Gal·la Placídia, in the world-famous Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona.

For many years FLULLE has managed projects in Barcelona from Madrid. Thanks to our customer’s trust, these last two years the number of projects carried out in Barcelona has been strategically significant and therefore, as per one of our 2022 Strategic Roadmap objectives, we have decided to open an office.

All that was left to do was choosing a location. Being specialists in outfitting of coworking areas, we understood that these projects that have given us so much prestige in previous occasions should be our showcase for the opening of this and potentially future offices.

Continuous improvement is in our DNA.

Here are our contact details:

FLULLE Barcelona
Plaza de Gal la Placídia, 1, 3
08006 Barcelona
[email protected]

We keep improving!