FLULLE attends the National Environmental Convention, CONAMA 2021

We at FLULLE wanted to drop by and participate in a new edition of the National Environmental Convention (CONAMA).

We have duly noticed the new developments discussed during technical sessions ST-17 "Tools to escalate energetic refurbishment" and ST-15 "Circular economy in construction", where a multitude of experts and industry specialists have discussed legislative developments, implementation methods, financing mechanisms and the barriers we find today to set in motion what will without a doubt become one of the main drivers leading to our target in carbon emissions reduction set by the EU and the ERESEE 2020 on a State level.

Here below you will find the most significant newsflashes:

  • The power of digitalization when monitoring the result of our fittings and creating registries for the built assets: PAS-E and building digital book.
  • Comprehensive and ambitious focus on refurbishment (including EP aspects: carbon footprint reduction, responsible water and energetic usage, contribution to circular economy…etc. among others).
  • ERESEE 2020:
  • Focus set on demand segmentation by industry, geographical distribution in order to define in which areas priority action is a must.
  • Modeling of investment costs and potential savings in thermal envelope outfittings and in facility improvements, the latter being more immediate taking into account the shorter payback periods.
  • Opportunity to improve residential area architectural quality.
  • Assessment of most appropriate financing models based on occupants' socioeconomic circumstances.
  • Placing people at the center of our focus.
  • New figure: neighborhood offices as guidance agents for owners during refurbishment projects.
  • Public-private partnership in financing.
  • Fundamental role of media in communicating benefits of refurbishment to users.
  • Industry circularity promotion, abandonment of minimum requirements and commitment to R&D.
  • Promotion of sustainable building materials use with recycled content.
  • By-product reuse. Concept of "end of waste condition".

We look forward to the new CONAMA in 2022, and meanwhile we will support THE RECOVERY WE WANT.

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