FLULLE Facility Services (FFS)

Clients want to feel permanently accompanied

A good friend is always ready to do it

Do you know what makes everything easier? Paying attention and care in everyday tasks

FLULLE Facility Services (FFS) ) exists due to our clients’ high demand. It’s as simple as that. They want to continue with us.

After a good experience with FLULLE in which they have felt accompanied in some or in all the phases of the rolling out of their new offices, the refurbishment of some of their buildings, the design and installation of heating systems in a hospital, the design and erection of a showroom in a prime area… What do they want? For us to stay by their side for everyday tasks.

Today, we provide them with the necessary services to facilitate their active operations.

Tailored for you
Shall we begin a long term trust relationship?

From the FLULLE Facility Services (FFS) team, we assess your needs in a flexible manner and we show you our solution and the most satisfactory value proposal. We have extensive experience and technical knowledge: businesses, clients, masonry, installations, middlemen and agents intervening in these situations.

Enjoy your space and stop worrying
It’s nothing but advantages here

  • Single contact person
  • In-house personnel in many areas (Services, Masonry and Installations)
  • Knowledge, Training and Experience
  • Maximum empathy
  • Absolute flexibility
  • Problem solving spirit
  • Readiness
  • Will to serve
  • Own means

.¿Are you ready to join the big league?
We are expecting you
Welcome to the flow