A fluid history
In 1988, Paco Cámara, alone in his apartment living room in Madrid, begins to offer electrical services to end users
A man embarks on
a mission: growth
A year later he expands his services to the whole of Spain. He is trusted by Architects, Builders and Owners. He introduces FP, Telecoms and Security
He creates FRANCAM Installations
In 1995 we include DPC and Security Rooms, Control Services, Engineering (technical office),
and Maintenance.
And we expand to Retail
We add clients like PwC,,
Ono, Iberdrola o Jazztel
We enter the 21st Century
Could you give us a little more? We say yes. We enter
We offer Construction, Property Upgrade and Special Services. We become general contractor and SML Corporate Solutions is born.
Our customers trust us
Orange, Colonial, IBM, ...
In 2010 we expand all the way to Morocco as a comprehensive fitter. We delve into the Hotel, Industrial and Healthcare sectors.
Luxury project:
Four Seasons Hotel, Casablanca
We specialize in different installation disciplines; Mechanical, Security and Telecommunications
The following companies are born: INELCLI, FRANCAM Seguridad, DLcom
The whole industry believes in us
We work with partners such as: CBRE, Colonial, Savills Aguirre Newman or Tetris Architecture
Benchmark hospitals trust our technical solvency and response ability
Some of them?
La Paz Hospital and Getafe Hospital
We continue to grow and we consolidate the Retail sector
Our services are requested by Mango, Uniqlo, McDonalds…
In 2018, our clients ask us to continue with them. We incorporate Maintenance and round-the-clock service, as well as Architecture and Sustainability services
We are relied upon by Repsol, Ferrovial, Merlin Properties, Utopicus or Loom
In 2020, we offer EVERYTHING
Today, we offer a Cross-sectional Comprehensive Service, and we collaborate, hand in hand, with Engineerings, Consulting Firms, Real Estate Developers, Architecture Firms, Owners or Tenants
FLULLE is born
To the limit of Flexibility ™

That idea you’ve been having
Shall we put it to work together?