We hoist and install AC systems at 100, Ortega Y Gasset street in Madrid, Spain

On last Saturday, January 30th, we had one of those days you look forward to with enthusiasm and expectation, wishing for everything to go as we had planned it.

The whole FLULLE construction team involved (site manager, engineers, our workplace risk assessment head, operators…) were ready and coordinated to proceed with the hoisting to the roof and later assembly and connection setup of the climate control systems and generators for the building sitting at 100, Ortega Y Gasset street in Madrid, Spain, owned by our client Colonial Inmobiliaria.

This red-bricked building, with close to 86.000ft² of surface area and former Interior Ministry headquarters, is going through a comprehensive refurbishment program. It was decided to hire FLULLE’s services under an approved project to remodel the entire facilities, while preserving the structure girders and the facade.

Today, we would like to share with you the project’s key elements that we are fitting the building with in order to turn it into a proper and modern office working space. These are the elements depicted in the following pictures, namely:

  • Installation of Climaveneta 4-tube heat pumps, a manufacturer recently acquired by Mitsubishi Electric. With these pumps, also known as “production equipment”, we are able to produce and store hot and cold water simultaneously.
  • Installation of two momentum-driven 5.000 liters (1.320 US gal) water towers custom-made for our client.
  • The most attention-grabbing element of them all given its size, the Air Treatment/Climate Control Unit (CCU) manufactured by TROX. This system will be the one in charge of the primary ventilation air, which will secure a proper air circulation volume within the building. This piece of equipment also has a moistening unit (geared towards the preservation of correct relative humidity parameters in the building), and it also has filtering units. The rotative recovery unit stands out, as one of the CCU modules, whose function is to recover the energy from air pumped outside of the building, guaranteeing a great reduction in global energy consumption within the building.
  • Deployment of solar panels to meet the demand of sanitary hot water.

Moreover, we seize the opportunity to hoist and assemble the generator, model QIS 65 made by Atlas Copco, with a 51kW capacity.

Through the available photos, we hope you can get an idea of the complexity of such an installation that we managed to safely and successfully carry out, while following all safety guidelines required. Slowly but surely, we advance towards delivery of the building in due time and proper course.

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