Facility Management

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FLULLE Facility Services (FFS) puts its experience in management to its clients’ service towards aiding in optimization and functioning of its buildings, and the effective and efficient coordination of support services.

How? At FLULLE we establish a profile that adapts to the client’s needs. A specialist Facility Manager (FM) will carry out the development and refinement of the corporate strategies oriented towards: maintenance and cleaning of facilities, real estate assets, remodeling and relocation, area optimization policies, construction project coordination, management of all products and added services with optimal functioning, conservation and maintenance of facilities and engineering works. In essence, we free you of worrying about all non-core activities non-core so you can focus on your business

Shall we reduce costs by 30%?

First,our technicians (FM) will evaluate people, spaces, processes and the proprietary technologies in your building. Afterwards, you’ll experience a cost reduction of around 20 to 30%. How will we achieve this? By acting as a great administrator that will optimally manage your building’s everyday operations, and always under the umbrella of the current rules and regulations. The energetic efficiency and sustainability of your facilities are above all else our main acting guidelines.

And that’s not all
Stop worrying about:

  • Incident and contingency resolution
  • Facility control and operation
  • Team supervision
  • Supplier management
  • Real estate asset management
  • Product and service procurement
  • System monitorization

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