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We all need to know we are working in healthy, safe and sanitized environments.

FLULLE puts great efforts towards this. We put our professionalism and commitment at your service. We are under constant improvement with regards to systems, tools and high-quality products.

We firmly believe in the benefits people and businesses obtain from working in a healthy environment.

FLULLE Facility Services (FFS) provides a wide range of cleaning services, based on your needs:

  • Conventional cleaning: occasional cleaning (refurbishments, events…), maintenance cleaning, lavatories, showers and changing rooms cleaning, floor polishing and waxing, facades, glass panels, graffiti-proof coatings…
  • Medical sanitation cleaning: medical areas, clinics, operating rooms… Professionalized and technically-driven processes
  • Industrial cleaning: warehouses, logistics platforms, factories and production plants… Industrial cleaning-specific gear and tasks.
  • Food sector cleaning: sanitation and disinfection of productive areas, food courts, foam cleaning systems, specific surface cleaning protocols, microbiological testing and environmental disinfection

Added services:

  • Residue removal and elimination
  • Higienic, bacteriostatic and air freshener consumables supply and replenishment
  • Sanitary containers
  • Pest control

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