Refubishment and Updating Maintenance

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FLULLE Facility Services (FFS) puts its comprehensive construction and plan execution services at your disposal for works, refurbishments or modifications.

Depending on the size, the deadlines and the nature of the investment, we will present you an ad hoc solution to your requirements, providing the necessary human and technical resources.

EThe designated appointee will assess your expectations and all the specificities of the job in order to plan and manage the assignment in the most efficient way and with the lowest possible impact on your activity.

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An comprehensive outfitting from us?
¿Una trasformación puntual?
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FLULLE Facility Services (FFS) gestionará las intervenciones de menor impacto y que no estén recogidas en un contrato de mantenimiento: desde una transformación de espacios puntual, la ampliación de una máquina de climatización para refuerzo de una sala, una ampliación de varios puestos de trabajo, … hasta tareas menores como la simple sustitución de una barra antipánico en una puerta de garaje, la instalación de un proyector de urgencia para una reunión, pintar o limpiar unos trasteros, o llevar a cabo la renovación de señalización en el edificio.

An comprehensive outfitting from us?
Of course. What do you need

If the works reach a considerable size, such as the complete outfitting of a new office or a change in a building’s general installations, we will manage it from FLULLE Fit-Out and Property Upgrade or FLULLE Installations .

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