Clients want to feel permanently accompanied

A good friend is always ready to do it

We know what collaborating means
More than 20 years of experience back us up

At FLULLE Facility Services (FFS), we provide maintenance services to both tenant clients and building owners.

Multinationals trust us with their maintenance
And they are being serviced

After satisfactory results with a new office fit-out phase or the comprehensive property remodeling, the customers themselves ask us to keep our business partnership with them running.

We don’t blame them. Nobody knows better than we do the completed project or the delivered facility. This has led us to book maintenance contracts on a national level with multinational companies with high quality standards, for many, many years.

We know how difficult that is.

We provide specialized and flexible maintenance servicess

  • Preventive Maintenance (inspections/periodic tasks)
  • Corrective Maintenance (with different periodicities according to each client’s requirements)
  • Legal and Technical Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Operation and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive management of Computer-Aided Maintenance (CAM)
  • Facility Functioning Optimization

Being close is going beyond maintenance
It means having your needs covered like the first day

A project entails a hefty financial effort. The hope banked into it deserves to be kept like the first day, isn’t it right?

We have maintenance plans covering not only facilities, but areas like woodwork, paint, pavements, ceilings, etc, while even delivering proposals for space overhauls or very specific improvements, as time has passed by or technological evolution and new methods bring new solutions to the table that might call for changes.

Endorsements? All of them

For their professionalism, training and proven experience, the Main Directorate for Industry, Energy and Mines (Economy and Treasury Department) in the Madrid Community certifies that FLULLE Facility Services, S.L.:

Is registered since 2010 at the Industrial Registry as an “Installer and/or Maintenance Company as per the Electrotechnical Low Voltage Regulations (ELVR)”.
Is registered since 2010 at the Industrial Registry as an “Installer and/or Maintenance Company as per the Thermal Plant Regulations (TPR) and as per the Cooling Plants and Facilities Safety Regulations (RP-RF)”.
“Is registered since 2010 at the Industrial Registry as an “Installer and/or Maintenance Company as per the Fire Protection and Prevention Regulations”.
Is registered since 2011 at the Registry of Telecommunications Equipment Installer Companies as a:
  • Type A (building telecoms infrastructures)
  • Type B (telecoms systems installation)Tipo B (instalaciones de sistemas de telecomunicaciones)
  • Type C (hi-fi and video systems installation)
  • Type F (new-gen telecoms infrastructure or control, management or surveillance communications networks installation in buildings or groups of buildings)

Similarly, Security facilities can be managed within the group through FLULLE Seguridad, as the Interior Ministry’s Main Directorate of National Police (Public Safety Commission) certifies that:

Is an authorized company since 2012 for “Installation and maintenance of security devices, appliances and systems connected to central alarm systems”, as well as for “Planning and consultancy with regards to points e) and f) of the Private Security Law”.

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