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¿Active Fire Protection Systems?
We are experts in design, execution and maintenance

Our team is expert in design, installation and maintenance of the Fire Protection Systems needed to abide by the requirements of the current regulations in the area.

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  • Active Installations: emergency lighting, fire detection, carbon monoxide detection and extraction, fire hydrants, dry column evacuation pathway, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, kitchen extractors, pressure groups and water towers, fire signalization…
  • Passive installations: fireproof, compartmentalization…

Always guaranteed

For their professionalism, training and proven experience, the Main Directorate for Industry, Energy and Mines (Economy and Treasury Department) in the Madrid Community certifies that FLULLE, S.L.:

Is registered since 2010 at the Industrial Registry as an “Installer and/or Maintenance Company as per the Fire Protection and Prevention Regulations”.
Is a registered “Fire Prevention and Protection Systems Installer Company”.

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