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How did we become an established benchmark?
By looking after the heart of companies: their data

FLULLE Installations is a benchmark in design, execution of installations and spaces and DPC servicing. We are able of carrying out relevant projects in critical environments. And we work with manufacturers at the tip of the spear of DPC (Data Processing Center) oriented products.

We know DPC are at the heart of most companies nowadays. For this reason FLULLE designs, builds and services anything from small to vast tech rooms with high service criticality in order for everything to be efficient and reliable.

What about multinational clients?
We offer a flexible and attractive renting service

World renowned multinational companies with a presence in Spain such as IBM, Jazztel, Pelayo Seguros, Iberdrola or Securitas have trusted FLULLE’s renting service for the maintenance of their control rooms, tech rooms and security rooms.

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