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FLULLE Installations has made itself into a benchmark in installation of the latest video, audio and control systems technologies, as well as other more niche ones. And it does so by collaborating with the most prestigious national and multinational manufacturers in the industry.

Our secret? We handle everything, in every phase. From data acquisition and analysis of clients’ requirements, to the bespoke solution, to its final implementation.

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We have extensive technical experience in implementing solutions for:
  • Room reservations
  • Videoconference
  • Cameras
  • Audio
  • Microphones
  • AV Screens
And we are used to collaborating with audiovisual engineering companies and IT and General Services corporate clients to respond to their high expectations.
We supply corporate technological solutions by fostering an efficient and comfortable collaborative work environment in:
  • Gathering spaces
  • Singular spaces and scenes
  • Meeting rooms, auditoriums
  • Conference halls
  • Working areas

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Home and building automation

For implementation in offices for services or industrial sector applications (offices, corporate HQs, hotels, company campuses or similar), we propose the inclusion of automated technical management systems, with the objective of reducing energy consumption and increasing user comfort and workplace safety.

  • Offices
  • Corporate HQs
  • Hotels
  • Company Campuses
We work with all type of systems, with deep knowledge of the open-source control and automation protocol (KNX), the most reliable, robust and efficient available. We implement control solutions integrating lighting, audio and microphones, automated rolling shutters, video screens…

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