Electrical Installations

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Benefit from our DNA

FLULLE Installations precisely has its origins in the design and installation of low and medium voltage grids. It was its main business area in its beginnings.

Today, thanks to the acquired trust and the demand from clients and the market, we are a comprehensive company specializing in the following systems:
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Power Generator (PG)
  • Static Transfer Systems (STS)
  • Transformer Facilities (TF)

Proven training and experience

For their professionalism, training and proven experience, the Main Directorate for Industry, Energy and Mines (Economy and Treasury Department) in the Madrid Community certifies that FLULLE Instalaciones, S.L:

Is registered since 2010 at the Industrial Registry as an “Installer and/or Maintenance Company as per the Electrotechnical Low Voltage Regulations (ELVR)”.
Is registered since 2010 as “installer company in low voltage systems (specialist category)"

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